As I study positive psychology, I feel more and more interest in teaching and sharing. I am happier; I want others to be happier.

One of the best ways to improve happiness is to look at specific activities that will improve one’s quality of life.

Mike Frisch at Baylor has done a lot of excellent work in that area. His approach is pretty complicated. He measures fourteen areas! And he gives you a choice of five ways to intervene in each area. That results in at least 70 interventions.

Well, too many for a simple man like myself. I know about fifteen interventions that I have tried and I find work for my clients. Perhaps they do work because I try them on myself first.

In any case, a trusted colleague is offering a no-cost assessment of quality of life, well being. How can you lose?

If you sign up and take the test, you can learn some interesting facts about your own quality of life. More importantly, you can share.

Because, after all, if you find something works for you, don’t you want to share it?

Charles Walker, Ph.D. has offered this, bless his heart. If you are interested, go to this website:

All thanks to Dr Charles, a remarkable man with a great spirit of generosity.