Dr. Johnson is an entertaining speaker who trains counselors and therapists in the United States and internationally.

Enjoy Dr. Lynn Johnson’s engaging stories, professional insights and success building strategies in person. Powerful, customized speeches can galvanize your team. He creates unique messages to do just that.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a positive psychology / resiliency talk or workshop, please email me by writing DrJ AT  enjoylifebook DOT com.


POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY WORKSHOPS: Appropriate for both professionals and any one interested in increasing personal resiliency.

Why Happiness Matters: How you can be happier than you thought and how it makes you more successful.

Workshops for adults: Joyful Marriage: How to nurture your own happiness so your marriage will flourish; Joyful Customer Service: Have fun and succeed at any job; Resiliency: The Mental Traction Factor.

Keynote speeches: Enjoy Life! What do we know about happiness and why you need to know it.

Positive Psychology in the Schools: How happiness can transform sulky students into sizzling successes!


More hepful topics include:

  • Why You Shouldn’t Change . . . and Why You Must!
    Change is both necessary and dangerous; how to help yourself and others through the stages of successful change.
  • Cooperating With People Who Won’t Cooperate
    We all have people who are driving us crazy; this talk gives you specific skills at driving them sane!
  • Effortless Customer Service
    How insights from emotional intelligence help us to handle the most difficult customer successfully.
  • Balancing Your Work and Your Life
    Be happier than you ever thought.
  • Planning for Success
    How winners make their dreams come true.
  • Ruin Your Relationships
    Ten beliefs that demolish marriages.
  • The World’s Best Stress Management
    Calm, cooperative, creative.