Enjoy Life! Healing with Happiness takes you on a step-by-step journey toward better health, prosperity, and life-long happiness. I invite you to take that journey with me. Based on solid scientific research, and full of down-to-earth practical examples, we will walk toward a life of fulfillment and joy. If you don’t want to wait for the printed book to arrive, and if you want extras, this is the right place for you. Order the ebook and you can download it immediately.

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Audio MP3: The Paradox of Change. We have to change, but the fact is, we don’t like to change. In this talk, I guide 125 company presidents and CEOs through the change process, the four steps to successful change, and how to help others. If you have ever wanted to help a group or a person change, this talk will give you new insights. A $27.00 value.

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Special Report: Conflict Resolution at Work. This report describes how to turn workplace stress into cooperation, how to motivate people who seem completely uncooperative, and how to work with resistant, difficult co-workers. A $27.00 value.

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