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We all want to achieve our goals,
but it is so difficult to create and maintain better habits.

Would you like your goal achievement
to be on autopilot?

My cherished colleague, AC Ho in Singapore pointed out some aspects of confidence might be
missing from doing the Mental Contrasting exercise, the video many of you already watched.
Here is another tool, again,researched by social psychologists,
that addresses the question of confidence and effectiveness.

Watch Video 2 and find out how. 

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There you have a breakthrough insight:

A simple process that will double or triple your chances of a successful new habit.

What do you want to change or improve in your life?
Exercise? Better eating? Regular meditation? 

Several people mentioned weight loss. This works!

I find when using the “if-then” tool that sometimes

I have to write new versions, booster statements, so to speak.

But I also find that it really does almost automate my better habits.

This is an intervention that really lives up to the research!

I am very impressed with it.

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Download this handout to read more about it:

If you missed the handout from video one, here it is:
Boost Motivation — they make a nice combination.

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