Do you ever make resolutions and plans…
…and then, somehow, they don’t get accomplished?

I know it’s frustrating. Living a vivid, flourishing life means raising energy and commitment,
and sometimes we can’t seem to make that happen.

What if I could show you something easy and useful that ratchets up that commitment and energy we need?
What if you were able to access higher motivation? How would that help you?

Take a look at Video 1! 

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Or, for Apple computers, Control+click and select “view video” and you should be able to watch it in Ouicktime from your Firefox page.
We cannot find an easy solution to this problem. If we could, we’d offer it! I am not very technical, but the content is worthwhile.)

What did you think?

Try this exercise out for yourself. See how you feel.
Does it make sense? Energize you? Do you feel more committed?

– – – –

Take a look at this handout: Boost Motivation. It is yours to use or share.

(You should click on the blue letters and if my plans go well and your heart is right, a handout will download to your computer.)

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I can only know what to focus on if you tell me what the biggest questions are that you face these days.
So speak up, assert yourself, and tell me what you want me to focus on in the next videos.

Thanks for your help.


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