I have thought for a while that I should offer YouTube videos on the topic of flourishing, creating and maintaining a high energy life, and enjoying real success. Thoughts aren’t enough, one must act. Over the weekend I decided I would do something on smiling. It took me about ten tries, while I remembered to turn on the microphone and adjust lights and so on.

Then the PAIN started: IMovie comes with all Apple computers and is supposed to be easy to use. That’s what people say, “iMovie is easy to use.” That is, of course, a blatant lie. After several hours of getting nowhere while watching many, many YouTube videos on how to use iMovie, I googled “I hate iMovie.” I was enormously gratified to find thousands and thousands of hits.

Persistence is a huge predictor of success. Intelligence is NOT a good predictor of success. I may not be terribly smart. If I were smart I would figure out iMovie more quickly. Hard work compensates for lack of intelligence. I can stick with stuff. I didn’t give up.

Here is the result:

Please share it with others. Marty Seligman has challenged us to increase the total flourishing in this world. He wants us to be to 51% flourishing by 2051. He doesn’t expect to live to see it. My goal is to live a healthy, energetic life to at least 125, at which time we should be able to reverse aging. So this video is my little effort to see Marty’s dream come to pass, and I will keep living until I see it happen. If you “Like” the video and share it, then we can help the world smile more. You are a vital part of that process. Liking and sharing blesses lives of thousands of people. You count.

Let’s all be happier and more energetic. Now that I have defeated iMovie, I will make more of these.