Richie Davidson is THE researcher about meditation. He and his colleagues have a new review article about how meditation grows brain capacity. It is here.

The article is worth reading, although like all Davidson articles, some of it, I simply do not understand. I get most of it, and I suspect you will too. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out you understand more than I do.

Meditation has a healthy effect on the human brain, helping it to grow in specific ways. It has a general effect, as contrasted with specific effects.

For example, if you practice the violin or piano, the specific areas of the motor cortex do grow, reflecting the fact that exercise of any kind makes the brain grow. This is a specific effect. Practicing piano grows “piano playing” sections of the brain.

Meditation has more general effects, and we can see that it is a discipline that conveys significant benefit. It should be a part of every counselor’s tool box.

Ken Pope has tremendous energy. He rescues animals, keeps an amazing web site, and sends out news constantly. I got this from him.
KEN POPE SAYS: “Today I put up a web page with complete citations for over 100 research articles on meditation.

All were published in 2010 or 2011.

The research explores the relationship of meditation to executive functioning and decision-making; depression; anxiety; brain structure, function, & plasticity; pain control; dispositional mindfulness; therapists’ therapeutic presence; health; well-being; quality of life; and so on.

This page of meditation research is a companion to another page of resources on the web site: Mindfulness Resources for Clinical Training & Practice.

The new Meditation Research web page is at this link:

The Mindfulness Resources for Clinical Training & Practice web page is at this link:

Ken Pope

BEN DEAN is making his recording of his interview with Roy Baumeister available. You can listen to that recording HERE.

Will power is his topic, and Baumeister’s research shows that it is like a muscle. You can grow it and develop it, and you can also tire out and not have much left.

So this is more about brain development, because when you develop will, you develop your brain. Listen to his insights.

Ben’s webpage is