A woman in our neighborhood rides 13 miles to work. My wife learned she was staying on the east side of town where there are lots of foothills. “Why don’t you ride a bit further west where you’d avoid all the hills?” she asked. “Oh,” was the reply, “I like the hills.”

Baby Boomers are aging. What are we going to do about it? There are two philosophies. One is to accept it, gain weight and watch TV. The other is to learn to like the hills.

The most successful person I know of at aging was Jack LaLanne. While he started life as a fairly sickly young man, he did two things right.
He changed his eating and ate a low calorie and high nutrient diet.
Lots of vegetables, and not much fat. His protein was from egg whites and fish.

The other thing he did right was to work out. He popularized exercise and started a chain of health clubs where men and women could work out. He worked out intensively. We now know that while our growth hormone drops as we get older, we can boost that with intensive workouts. So Jack LaLanne was right. Raise your intensity. In coming blog entries I will share what I have been doing to raise growth hormone and keep myself energetic and healthy.

The Baby Boomer tradition is to do what we do with pizazz and commitment. We are the generation of involvement, and we are not done yet. This blog will be about growing younger, not older, growing stronger not weaker, and being more involved, not less.

It is not for people looking for retirement.

It is for people who think they still have what it takes. We do. We have a lot of experience and wisdom and we aren’t about to stop.

So join me and let’s see what we can do about staying young, energetic, and involved. Retirement is a dirty word. People who retire are sidelines people, uninvolved and unimportant. Suppose you dislike your job and look for a way out? Don’t retire. Find out what you would really like to do and start doing it now. We are the generation of second and third careers.

It is hitting the hills, and hitting them hard that keeps us young and vital.

Learn to love those hills.