Welcome to Dr. Lynn Johnson’s page for locals.

I am taking appointments again. If you live anywhere along the Wasatch Front, I might be a great resource for you.

Why “again?”

For ten years my main occupation was continuing education classes. That means I taught other therapists how to be better at what we do.

But the time has come to end all the travel. It was great. I love teaching. I am good at it. But I have visited every state (even Alaska and Hawaii!) and think it is time to cut back dramatically on travel. I want to get back to my own roots, being a full time therapist.

So I want to hear from you. 

  • You want a therapist who has a great reputation and track record. You want a therapist who will listen very carefully to you and respond to your concerns. That is what you find when you come in to see me.
  • Have you been suffering from depression or anxiety? I offer feedback-informed therapy. I constantly track how people are progressing, using state-of-the-art outcome measures. I track your reactions simply because every session has good and bad qualities, and to be the most help to you, I have to know what is going right.
  • You aren’t required to take medication if you’d prefer to avoid that. I have developed some innovative ways to enhance therapy without medication, and you can benefit from that.
  • It is fine with me if you want to use medication. I am supportive of what helps you.
  • I am pro-marriage. If your relationship is in trouble, I have some good options for you.
  • If you call me: (801) 541-1420, we can make an appointment. I answer my own phone, and when I am busy I call you back the same day. Sometimes I can get back within the hour.

 You can expect a warm, accepting, and understanding experience when you work with me.

Below: My two oldest boys and me after riding the White Rim Trail for three days. I am a successful father of four children and still married to their mother. (Many therapists have a hard time keeping their own marriage together. You can expect practical wisdom from working with me, wisdom gained from being good at the role of spouse and parent.)

Moab Lynn&boys