Would you like to improve client outcomes?

If you are a counselor, a personal coach, or a therapist, you are likely to say “YES!” to that question. We want the best, the highest and most powerful outcomes for our clients. Yet too often, coaches and therapists are barking up the wrong tree.

You may think-as I have thought, pretty much all my career-that better techniques are the answer. So you go to seminars and workshops, you read books, you discuss cases with a consultant or supervisor.

Yet, outcomes don’t improve. We help about 75% of our clients, and we fail with a quarter. Worse yet, we don’t get better over time. After a few years of practice, we reach a plateau and seem to be unable to move beyond it.

But, what if we don’t improve because we are focused on the wrong thing? What if there is another way, a way where you can get more benefits to a wider range of clients?

There is. Dr Mike Lambert has convincingly shown in research over many years that the answer lies in feedback loops in the therapy or coaching relationship.

You see, we fail to use simple tools that will help us be not just good as therapists and coaches-which we are, by the way-but actually great.

Are you ready to step up?