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The “inflammation hypothesis” about depression suggests some reasons why antidepressants don’t work with so many patients, and what we can do about it.

In many depressive episodes, body inflammation plays a large and perhaps causative role. Depression is as much a body illness as a brain disorder, and that is why our antidepressants don't work better than they do!


Our expert in this interview is Dr. Charles Raison, a psychiatrist at Arizona State University in Tucson.

He was interviewed on April 9, 2013. Even if you missed the interview, this is your chance to learn all he has to say. And if you did join us, you may still want a permanent copy of the interview to review and learn from.

Charles Raison, M.D. holds a unique appointment at Arizona State: He is part of the faculty of the School of Medicine and also the School of Agriculture. That is because his research on the inflammatory factors in depression and other mental illnesses has taken him to research the role animals play in preventing or causing depression.


In this wide ranging and spell binding interview,
Dr. Raison talks about his paradoxical findings on germs and depression.

His discovery: Too much cleanliness (or, too little!)
when we are infants can predispose us towards depression.


Certain common germs, germs scientists are now calling “old friends” are present in animals, such as cows, that humans have been around for many thousands of years. These friendly germs educate our immune system about what is dangerous and what is not. Then for the rest of our lives, we are less likely to develop illnesses that are based on too much inflammation, such as asthma and hay fever, irritable bowel, certain skin disorders, heart disease . . . and, depression, anxiety, and likely autism.




"Dr. Johnson,
I really appreciate your efforts to enable us to hear the interview
with Dr. Raison. You are always generous to share your knowledge with
other practitioners, and providing, free of charge, access to an
interesting and innovative researcher's findings, is icing on the


[Yes, I did make the interview free of charge, but I have to charge for the download. I need to make the website pay its way. If you appreciate the interview, please download it and help support future interviews!]


"Dr. Raison,
Although I am not researcher, I am an observer. I was reared in a
rural area of the deep South, the daughter of a cotton farmer who also
raised beef cattle, and I believe you are spot on with your theories
about the relationship between life on the farm and asthma, allergies
and autoimmune diseases.  We rarely ate processed foods other than the
occasional hot dog, and most of our meals came from the garden. My
brother and I, along with most of our rural contemporaries, were very
healthy. However, my father died at the age of 63 from colon cancer,
and I believe  (no proof) his illness was related to the chemicals
used on his crops. On the subject of exposure to chemicals, the
ingredients in perfumes, potpourri, scented candles and cleaning
products do trigger migraines in me.   I would much rather see scents
outlawed instead of 32 ounce sweet drinks! Thank you for sharing your
knowledge with us."
Rachel Gandy, LCSW

"Thank you so much for bringing the very interesting phone interview to
all of us last evening.  My only reactions are that I wish it had been
a video conference, because I am a visual learner and find it much
easier to maintain focus when watching the person who is speaking or
at least slides of the info being presented.  My other reaction is
that while it reinforced the usefulness of your techniques, Dr. Raison
didn't really give us any new ideas of how to tie his information into
psychotherapy practice.  Thanks again."
Michele Loew Weiden, LCSW

[If you listen all the way to the end of the interview, you will hear some very specific ideas of how to tie his findings into what we non-medical therapists do! And for visual learners, the download includes an excellent review article at no extra charge.]


"Very good interview and topic.  I'm intrigued about this topic and the
connection of inflammatory issues and health and mental health.
Interesting topic and informative interview.  Thank you for this and
for the free price tag.
With regards, Allison."

"Thank you for the opportunity to respond.
Agree there are times that a person will experience
situational/environmental depression due to times in their life that
may be difficult such as a divorce/job loss/cancer vs an actual "brain
disorder"; thus precluding the physiological need for the use of long
term anti-depressants.  I am of the belief that there are some
individuals that do have a physiological need for anti-depressants
regardless of what is going on in their life.
I liked the concept of meditation-can you offer ideas on how best to
incorporate the concept into practice?  I am thinking of the patients
on the inpatient unit that I oversee and of myself.
All the best~"

"Good Morning Lynn,
It is a gloriously beautiful Spring Day in the Washington area and the
cherry trees are in full bloom. I hope it is nice where you are.
The webinar was wonderful. It provided some novel perspectives and
concrete information which added to my knowledge base and reinforced
the treatment philosophy I subscribe to. Where will the conference be
that he is presenting at?
You are doing great work and have been very generous in sharing
valuable resources.
Thank you and wishing you well."
Dennis Hunt

[Dennis asks a question many of you may wonder. With this download we are including a PDF of the exciting conference coming up in California, July 21-27. Consider attending!]


"Dr. Raison's presentation was very enlightening.  I have been a fan of
his for some time.  He presented to my staff on compassion meditation
while he was here in Atlanta at Emory.  I find him to be incredibly
interesting.  Thank you for keeping us informed on his current work."
Peggy Kelly

"I thought that was a GREAT teleseminar. He had some super info. I've
heard much of that before, but he tied many new things together well,
as did you.  Great new insights! Does he have a book that ties all of
this together, or recommendations for such?"
David Larsen, MFHD
Alzheimer's Researcher, Post Grad Teacher & Consultant

[We are including a great review article with this download, no extra charge!]


"I thought Dr. Raison's presentation was very informative and also very
validating.  He was an engaging speaker and used real life examples to
make the research come to life.  I will be looking up more of his
material as well as Richard Davidson's work.
Thanks so much for allowing me to listen to the interview!"
Denise Everett

"The interview was great for providing reinforcement for the value of
doing the right things when it comes to your general health and
outlook.  . . .  As for me it was perfect, it reinforced and
motivated me to improve what I'm already doing and to share it with
loved ones albeit primed subjects as well…   I am very much looking forward to the
audio of the teleseminar to revisit it and take better notes…  Best
Regards,  Arturo Dominguez,  LCSW"

"Dr. Lynn, Thank you so much for making Dr. Raison interview available
on Teleconference.  It was very helpful to hear about the “old friend”
micro-organisms and other immune regulatory factors.  What about
preference for having horses instead of cows?  I’m looking forward to
other Teleseminars in the future.
Thanks, Priscilla"
Priscilla T. Hone, PhD, LMHC, DMHP, CDP


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This information is useful for anyone who works with mental illness and wants to improve outcomes and relieve suffering. Dr. Raison gives some very practical guidelines toward the end of the interview for reducing our own inflammation and living happier and healthier lives. At $9.97, the price is very reasonable, and the benefits to you will be enormous.


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