How can we flourish?

What helps us thrive?

How can we continually raise our personal power and effectiveness?

If you are interested in those questions, this course is for you.

In this course I share with you some “secret” tools and techniques. No, not literally secret, but overlooked by most therapists.

You may be a therapist. In that case, you will feel much happier and more successful at doing what we therapists do. We heal, we lift, we inspire. What a great calling we have!

You may be a client, sent here by your therapist. You must have a wonderful therapist who wants you to go beyond just getting back to normal. Your therapist wants you to turn your current dilemma into a growth opportunity, one that will energize you to be far better than you ever have been.

For a nominal price (like, a couple of dinner-and-movie outings!) you will find tools to significantly improve your work. Your progress will be quicker and more effective. Your therapist will be impressed with how well you do. Sadly for the therapist, you may be ready to take a break from therapy much sooner than you might have imagined!

You may be here simply because you are interested in personal growth. This course will open doors for you. You will learn how to track your growth, how to set and achieve goals, what kinds of goals work best, and how to make progress almost automatic. I am sure you will be very glad you have taken it.

We Have 5 Areas

  1. Measure your progress. Do you know that there is a vast body of evidence that simply measuring progress actually speeds it up? What we track, we learn to impact and accentuate. For example, the very best tool in weight loss is keeping an excellent food diary! The same is true in any area of personal growth. What we measure we learn to influence. I will share some excellent tools for measurement.
  2. The secret of success. Mark Twain once said that the secret of success is to start and keep going. We call that grit, and that stick-to-it quality is the number one predictor of long-term success.
  3. People who know the secrets (again, that word!) of effective goal setting are much happier. What do we know about goal setting? What can you learn about goal achievement?
  4. Mindsets. Growth or fixed? Prevention or promotion? Giving or Matching or Taking? These mindsets are tremendously influential and yet we are mostly oblivious to them. I will give you insights and how to change them and change them fairly simply.
  5. New information about cultivating and enlarging strengths that you need to be who you really should be. Suppose you were put on earth to achieve some big stuff, but you look in your tool box and there are some tools missing? Here we will show you what to put into that tool box and how to do it.

Money Back Guarantee

So, welcome to the course. Try out the first lesson. If you do not like what you are learning, then by all means, ask for your money back and we won’t burden you with the rest of the lessons.

But I don’t think you will. My courses are described as powerful and exciting, and I am pretty darn certain you will want to stay to the end.

CE Credits

If you paid for Continuing Education for various mental health professions, be sure and take each quiz at the end of each of the five sections. Taking the quiz shows you have completed the material, and if you miss an item, don’t worry, you can have a chance to correct that mistake. We all make them as we all need to have a second chance, now and then! When you have finished all the coursework, you will get a lovely certificate for your profession from Commonwealth Seminars. They provide the CE certification, and a big “thank you” to Bob and his group for making CEs available for this course!

Tell Others!

I have worked pretty hard on this course. It is going to do you some real good. You can repay me by referring colleagues and friends to the course. The more people who take it, the more I can help, and that is my mission, providing growth and development to high energy people who want greater success.

(stay in touch!)

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