I have created a new online class: Lifestyles of the Happy & Healthy.
I am looking for people who will test-drive this class.


Are you the one I am looking for?

If you sign up as an early adopter you get some great benefits.

  • You will learn 10 distinct lifestyle changes that deliver.
  • Happy? Yes, these lifestyles do lift your mood very nicely.
  • Healthy? The lifestyle changes give you a longer, more productive life.
  • But there is a third component. How can we help people adopt these lifestyle changes? What can we do to help clients take them to heart?

That third component, the adherence part, is what distinguishes this class from others you might take. Getting ourselves, and getting our clients to actually do the homework, is critical. Yes, the lifestyle interventions are new. Not only will you learn these new “secret” interventions, but you will also learn how to tilt the odds of robust success in your favor.

And I don’t mean “motivational interviewing” which has at best a mixed track record, in terms of actual results. I go far beyond that in this course. You might say the tools I have been developing is “motivational interviewing on steroids.”

How can you double or triple your ability to establish good habits? You’ll learn about that in this class.

What else do you get?

Surveys, tests, handouts and worksheets that all make your job as a counselor or educator easier. These are handouts and worksheets I have been testing for the past few years.

Only my patients had access to these. Now you can use them as well.

Quality time with me: As an early adopter you have access to me, to answer questions, expand ideas, and deliver real results.

This is a big project. It is a major undertaking. I want to make sure it all works well, and I am willing to offer a substantial incentive if you sign up as a “beta tester.”

You will receive 20 hours of Continuing Education credits in this class. (Psychologist, social worker, Drug and alcohol counselor, and nursing are approved.) The final version of this intense class will cost $397, and experts who have looked at it think I am not charging enough. Maybe I will raise the final price.

But if you want to get on board as an “early adopter” you can enroll for half of that, $198.50.


Ask yourself:

Do you love to learn?

Do you want to be even happier and healthier than you are?

Will you try these interventions with yourself?

Do you want to share these tools with clients and friends and family?

Then perhaps this is a class for you.


Wait, wait just a minute.


You have to qualify.

In return for giving you this opportunity, I want 3 things:

  1. You have to be willing to work hard. I want to see at least a half hour a day or more for the next three weeks. I want to see people who are
  2. You have to be willing to communicate. You and I will stay in email contact as you take the class, and where ever you find a bug or a breakdown of any kind, I want you to let me know about it. You play a vital role in discovering any problems so that the later students have a seamless experience.
  3. This is new. Most people are fearful of being early adopters. They look to how other people evaluate the experience. I need testimonials. But how can I have those when no one has finished it? So if you are accepted as an early adopter, as a “beta-tester” then you must agree to this key point. If you find this a positive and worthwhile class, I want you to write me a testimonial. You have to be willing to have that published. Ideally you are willing to state your name and city. If you have a website of your own, and you are willing for people to know about that, you might include a link. A photo of yourself would be very important.

 Hard work. Timely feedback. Testimonial.


So are you the one I am looking for?

I am giving you an astonishing opportunity at a very low cost. Can you rise to those three requirements?

If that is you, here is what I want you to do before midnight March 15th:

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1. Signup as a beta-tester now for 50% OFF (only $198.50) button-sign-up-red


2. Send me an email now…and pay before the beta-tester price ends (March 21, 2015)


Subject Line: BETA TESTER

Content: Agree to be one of the small group who will pioneer this workshop. Tell me that you are willing to meet the three requirements.


That’s it. This is a small group. First come, first serve. When I have reached my cut-off I will reply to any other emails that the class is full. Then people will have to wait a month and pay the regular tuition.



If you don’t have the time to devote to the class, if you can’t put some long hours in over the next three weeks, then please do wait. When I open the class to everyone, you will be able to take the class for a full year. No hurry.

But if you can put in the hours, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you are a pathfinder, a leader, an explorer. You can acquire and begin using these skills long before others have access to them.

Are you the one I am looking for?