The only time I had to cut into the sheetrock was when I was putting the new outlet box, but it didn’t involve any mudding, taping, or that kind of stuff. You want the very center of the TV screen to be 42 inches from the floor. The average height of your eyes when seated is 42″, assuming an 18″ sofa and 24″ from the seat to your eyes. Also locate the centers of the wall studs using an electronic stud finder (the centers of studs provide maximum holding power). After we wall-mounted our new TV, the first thing we had to deal with was all of the ugly wires hanging down. You may have to do pumpkin cuts around the fire block, which makes the whole process complicated but it doesn’t mean the job can’t be done. Optionally, you can just plug something into the outlet that you know works. Hiding cables in the wall over fireplace can be a tough task even for someone who considers himself to be a handy person. Beyond that, mounting a TV also depends on the size of the TV, the dimensions of the room, what kind of aesthetic … So, I got close to the top and the bottom to see if I can get a little slack. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Every setup is going to be different. Your email address will not be published. Need to add an outlet above or below an existing outlet? You can conceal low-voltage ones like HDMI cables, A/V cables, audio cables, and other things like that, but the actual plug for the TV needs to be in a separate outlet. The first things you’ll need are a stud finder, faceplate, an outlet, and a couple of single gang boxes. Use a pencil to mark a spot on the wall showing where the center of our TV should be when you mount it. The larger the TV and the further it pulls away from the wall the more extra cable length will be required. The best part about it was that I didn’t have to make a mess with the sheetrock or the painting. Once you’ve found the right spot, mark the TV’s location on the wall with masking tape (Photo 1). Many people consider this to be too low for a wall mount. For the next part, you’re going to need a pry bar or large flathead screwdriver to try and see if you can get the outlet away from the stud that it’s attached to. Have you considered having a recessed wall box installed? Mark the points where the screw holes will be drilled, as well. That doesn’t mean you should put your TV 42 inches above the floor, however. Drill the holes and install the mount. You may or may not have a lot of slack in the electrical box. So, that’s what we will be showing you today. This way, I can run Romex to the box and properly secure it to the rafter. Another wall mount consideration is the viewing angle. I just did the same thing with the top outlet. If you have concrete, brick or block walls, … The one that I used doesn’t have that. The optimal viewing height is to center the display at eye level when seated. Take your measuring tape and start from the wall where your TV is going to be mounted. I know the feeling when my kids were young, and I hadn’t got around to mounting our TV on the wall.But the TV falling on a young child would be a lot less funny. So, it worked out really nicely. In my case, it’s only about four feet, but I went for eight feet just to be safe. We didn’t have to do any drywalling or taping. In the picture, you’ll find a closeup of the work done. Connect the bare wire to the green outlet terminal, connect the black wire to one of the brass terminals, and the white wire to one of the silver terminals. If it turns on, the outlet is live. I want the electric outlet work to be as non-invasive as possible. What you need to remember is that black goes on brass. Basically you install an electrical outlet box in the ceiling location of the TV. This method does not require mudding, taping or painting. You need to make sure that the flaps of the tabs are going to fit in the wall and not going to be against the stud. There’s usually one nail on the bottom, about an inch back going to the stud and another one on the top about an inch back going on the stud. How high a TV should be mounted on the wall is a question most TV-watching DIYers have. Through this hole passes any signal cables leading from the equipment rack to the back of the TV. I have a wall mount TV that I want to install in a bedroom, close to the ceiling. It’s enough to loosen it a bit and give yourself some slack. There’s no way you’ll be able to cram that all into the box. Many feel that nothing else is more important when figuring out how to mount a TV. While it’s against electrical code to run your TV’s power cable behind your wall, you can install an in-wall power extender that allows you to add a new outlet without any complicated wiring. There are few ways of hiding cables for a TV wall mounted over fireplace. I attached the wires to both tabs. Understand that there are some great cut-in electrical boxes that can be used in either the wall or the ceiling which will avoid having to open up the wall. One important thing is that I did cut this wire a lot shorter. Both junction boxes are terminated with nose plates that conceal the junction box while allowing the cables to pop out unimpeded. Well there is … The tape has to be perfectly level, so use a level to position it. view . HIDE the Cable Box Behind a Wall Mounted TV: If you have your TV wall mounted, or are thinking about it the biggest struggle is what to do with all the components. Start by choosing a mount that’s compatible with your TV and attach it to your wall. I didn’t strip the wires on the bottom because I wanted to fish them down without them getting splayed or in the way. This article provides tips on the best places to position a cable box when mounting a tv. What I did was get those guys out, which was a bit tricky because these types of cables don’t easily come out. In the picture, the box just went slack when I tried to seize the nails with the reciprocating saw, which means that I got it. It’s not so easy when you have all the entertainment necessities installed. If the above condition is true, are there special requirements for the power cord running to the television? Other times people end up with their cable boxes on a table or stand by the TV with the mess of wires hanging down. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. This applies to adding an outlet to your bathroom, kitchen, or your garage as well. I use a drill in my video but only because it has a clutch, so that I don’t overtighten things. This electrical wiring question came from: Mark, a Homeowner from Elburn, IL. I took the drill and put back the gang boxes with the outlet in. You’ll need to pry the existing outlet from the stud, so may want to grab a large screwdriver or pry bar. This site is where I share my many projects, big and small, and try to teach what I can along the way. How to Install an Electrical Outlet for a Wall Mounted TV – There are some great cut-in boxes that can be used in either the wall or the ceiling which will avoid having to open up the wall. There are a quite a few tools that I used to get the job done, but don’t get too overwhelmed because these are simple and affordable tools that you can purchase almost anywhere. Recessing your outlet is an excellent idea if you have a wall mounted TV, or simply want to be able to push your furniture or appliance (such as a fridge) right back against the wall. Rather, they follow this guideline: And then I slipped the cap on and tightened it really well to make sure that the connection is stable between the three wires. I already had plenty of wires here, so I grabbed one section at a time and then stripped off the ends. Your email address will not be published. a kit that hides your A/V wires and your electrical wiring as well, How to Fix the Hook Timing on a Sewing Machine, DIY Ocean Desk – A Standing Desk with Personality, How to Tighten or Replace a Loose Toilet Seat, Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets with DIY Shelving. Source:tvinstallpros.cominstalling electrical outlet above fireplace - Installing a TV the Fireplace. While your at it, consider installing speaker wiring for a bedroom surround sound experience. So, if you have any recommendations or ways to improve what I’ve done, feel free to let me know in the comment section. Some outlets have a release on the back where you can insert a pin or a small screwdriver. It is also advisable to check your local codes for running cables. When wall mounting TV’s you also usually need a longer power cable than is provided with the TV itself, especially if you have a full motion TV wall bracket as you will need to allow for an extra metre for when the TV is pulled away from the wall. I got the wire stripped and got the ends exposed. How to Install an Electrical Outlet for a Wall Mounted TV. The last several things you may need are fish tape (you can actually just use a measuring tape for this), reciprocating saw (or a hack saw) and some lights for when the power is off. After that, I got the outlet and box mounted in, the tabs pulled nice and tightly against the drywall, the faceplate on and then everything was all set. Once I was done with that, I used my jab saw to cut the hole. In a related article, I show how to hide your TV wires for just $10.In fact, I later came out with another article and video showing how to do this by using a kit that hides your A/V wires and your electrical wiring as well, if you’re interested in doing this with a kit. I have a ceiling mount for a television and would like to have an outlet installed by an electrician in the attic for completely hidden cabling. Most often to get a comfortable viewing range the rule of thumb is to … With that done, I crammed all the wires back in. What I did next was tightened these screws down and put our plate back on, and that’s about it for the bottom outlet. I’ll attempt to build/fix/make just about anything and hopefully you can avoid making the same mistakes I make . Dave, Electrical Questions and Electrical Answers, Switching a Bathroom Fan and Light Separately. It’s important to make sure that there are no horizontal studs in the area you want to work on. Concealing wires in the wall over fireplace is far different than In-Wall Vertical wire concealment. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that per local code you actually cannot place low-voltage wires behind the walls. In fact, I later came out with another article and video showing how to do this by using a kit that hides your A/V wires and your electrical wiring as well, if you’re interested in doing this with a kit. You ’ll also need some Romex wiring. You’ll also need a drywall jab saw or a utility knife, but you can use whichever one you have on hand. There are wall boxes specifically made for this type of application where the outlet power is in one section and the TV signal cable or any low voltage cable is installed in another adjoining section. You’ve got big plans. Alternatively, a ceiling mount evades this problem, or, an easy solution is to simply mount the TV to a different wall. Fish tape is entirely optional, but electrical tape is handy to have. P = existing power outlet; C = existing cable outlet; p = new power outlet; m = new media outlet; Essentially, there is an existing power outlet on either side of the fireplace and a cable outlet on the far right side of the fireplace. White goes on silver. You can also do a little hook on the ends of your wires so that it can wrap around the screws. Next, pull out the measuring tape so that it reaches the seat that’s closest to the wall. What I did was trace my new outlet behind the TV. A fire block is the last thing you’d want to find in the wall you’re working on because it’s going to make the work a lot more difficult. Thus you’ll be needing a voltage tester or multimeter. Absolutely Mark, I have done this several times. Hi Phil, For this reason,it’s a good idea to get TV out the way mounted on the wall. When electrical wiring will be penetrating materials such as wall board or sheet rock then it should be protected with an approved conduit.

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