With painted texture, some pros scrape as best they can and then ‘skim coat’ the entire ceiling with a thin layer of joint compound. Pros can use different techniques and materials, such as textured paint or drywall mud, to construct custom textures and designs on your ceiling. I am trying to determine the best way to get rid of my popcorn ceiling and after calling the abatement companies, it seems I cannot really afford that method. Send your popcorn ceilings to detention with Popcorn Ceiling Professor. Primer is a must. After you've sanded and have a smoothish ceiling its time to start doing electrical, putting in lights ect, and patching old holes from fixtures. If you are interested in getting a removal, repair, skim coat over any ceiling our top-notch service is your first stop for any jobs. More ideas for … I'd recommend a hand sander. Ceiling Removal & Skim Coat Plastering. Don't scrape your painted popcorn ceiling. Use a quick-set mud drywall to give your skim coat a good base and avoid having your popcorn ceiling ruin your skim coat. Otherwise be prepared for your ceiling to meet your floor at some point. First layer will be kind of thick. Spread the mud over the ceiling, nice and even, starting in the corners and working your way in sections across the room, into the middle. Take a bristle broom or your shop vac again and take down some of the dust on the ceiling from sanding. Also, it can hide some small imperfections. Can I skim coat over my painted popcorn ceiling? Any divots or bumps will be exaggerated after you paint, especially if you are not applying any texture. While the skim coating is not finished yet, it already has cracks all over the ceiling (see pictures). Also, now you can go around the room with a sanding sponge or angle sander and clean out the wall/ceiling corners. I’ve read that it needs to be sanded and wiped down, but sanding seems like a lot of work! They do popcorn ceilings to cover up imperfections for not leveling/ shimming the sheets. Now for your personal sanity, hire a PROFESSIONAL DRYWALL crew to repair any seams (if needed) and apply a very light texture such as knockdown. We can't see the condition but if there are popcorn remnants be careful about sanding for fear of asbestos content. Yep. (Open a window. Put long sleeve shirt, hat, glasses, quality respirator on. BIN is no joke.). When I do these I sand and skim ever inch. Saved by M Lawhorne. May have missed a few steps that are common sense, but that's what I do and what works for me. Aesthetics. Some people prime before skim, I prime after my two coats before final coat. Be sure to seal any nicks in the drywall paper with Zinnsser Gardz. Step 1: Get a joint compound designed for skim coating. Skim coating is an important step to preserving surfaces if you’ve recently had wallpaper removed or paint scraped. My question is, what do I need to do now? Our full service includes: 1. It will look like crap. Not one thick layer that you will have to sand the crap out of. Once dry, the ceiling is ready to be skim-coated (with a thin layer of joint compound/water mixture. The appearance of a popcorn ceiling 1 is irregular and may resemble the texture of popcorn or even cottage cheese. Repeat step 7. Third layer is a standard skim coat. I second the motion. Do not use “ceiling” paint which usually has less pigment. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Shop Vac is $100, Painting Pole $40, Step Ladder $40, Sanding Crap $100, Mud $20 per pail, Taping/Mudding Knifes/Tray $100. Why should I remove my popcorn ceiling? I would prime, drywall sokes up so much paint without it. Does anyone have any experience with having a skim coat done over popcorn ceiling with asbestos? Drywall is so much work. The "easiest" way to get a smooth ceiling would be to higher someone else to do it. That's what I did in my house. It really depends on how smooth you scraped it. Its easier to fill in low spots and holes than trying to sand around them to take the rest of the ceiling down to match up. Should you paint a popcorn ceiling? All of our ceilings are completed at the Level 5 Finish quality standard, GUARANTEED! I did this in almost all my rooms. I then explain and guide you how to Skim Coat a ceiling with USG Sheetrock EasySand powder joint compound to make ceiling smooth again using a Marshalltown 12 &14 inch Trowel and … Depending … I am currently re-doing a room in my house (about 400 SQ FT) which will make it the 4th room I've done in my house. If you are new here, please review posting/commenting guidelines. I decided to do the work and upgrade to a modern flat ceiling. Applying a minimum of 2 coats of plaster on the entire ceiling. Yup it's legitimate. If would like a estimate for popcorn ceiling removal near you in Concord, CA please give us a call today at (925) 791-9099 and we will be more then happy to help you with your popcorn ceilings. In today's skim coating tutorial. You will see that there is a lot of glue, or light texture left on the ceiling. Let it dry. I just finished the same thing. Once the entire ceiling has been scraped, go back with a 3in knife and do the edges where the walls meet the ceiling. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Heather Yamada-Hosley. Skip to content. To ensure a uniform coat, it’s wise to apply the paint in at least three directions. I am currently going through the messy process of removing the popcorn texture from my ceilings, what’s left over is exposed drywall. Each project will vary but we’ve found this process provides amazing results. We can skim coat small or large areas, depending on the conditions of your surfaces. Scraping dry texture is a dusty mess, and skim coating requires some practice. In GTA & Surrounding Areas. What is a skim coat. However, popcorn is the most popular and budget-friendly option that most homeowners choose. I get alot of time off from work, and for 7-10 SqFT finished.... my 2000sq ft house would cost $20K to have it done. We can level your ceiling the best we can and leave it smooth and ready for finish painting Call today. Oh yeah, your entire life is drywall dust for the next month. You might be wondering if you can cover a popcorn ceiling with plaster. Learn how to skim coat ceilings for beginners tutorial with these skim coating tips and tricks! Try to make it look nice, but understand it won't. Not yet. All my ceilings but one had been painted over with oil based paint, so it wasn't an issue. A sanding sponge in corners is helpful too. This BEGINNER FRIENDLY method is IDEAL for FLATTENING TEXTURES such as knockdown and light orange peels. My name is Paul and I’ve been a drywall and painting contractor for over 20 years. I want to get rid of this look and am going to start with the bedroom. 2. One of the reasons for popcorn ceilings is that it hides flaws in the ceiling (bad seams, uneven joists, etc). Cookies help us deliver our Services. Lot's of in depth information here!!Sandpaper!! Get a good sanding/painting pole. Press J to jump to the feed. Do not pay anyone for drywall work “by the hour”. Removing your popcorn, stucco or textured ceiling. So you should have a pretty nice looking ceiling now... but you are wrong. I tried searching the internet for it but could not really find before and after pictures. You're sure it's asbestos? My contractor didn't scrape away the "popcorn" and is skim coating over it. I am trying to determine the best way to get rid of my popcorn ceiling and after calling the abatement companies, it seems I cannot really afford that method. This will ensure any moisture from paint or drywall mud that is used for patching won't bubble up your drywall. Thank you so much in advance! Don't sand into the popcorn. You can use a string or a 6 or longer ft level or strait edge. I hate the stuff. Paint brand suggestions? Looking at the way sun hits the room, roll your first coat on perpendicular to the direction of the sun coming into the room, then roll the next coat with the direction of the sun. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I’ll be sharing tips, tricks and how to videos for all of your drywall, texturing and painting needs. And getting it to look good with no texture is going to be pretty tough since it doesn't seem like OP has any experience... Having been through this process before and making it WAY more work than necessary in pursuit of a smooth finish, I’d recommend the following: use a pole and mesh drywall sanding sheets to knock down the worst of it quickly. Don't go too thick. Plaster Restoration. You want to sand it to make sure everything is smooth. I use a 12in finishing knife and a tray, but some people like a Hawk and trowl... whatever works for you. I imagine you might have to do something else if you scraped it completely smooth. Popcorn Ceiling 5: Bravehart Design Build, original photo on Houzz . Maybe immediately. Contributor. Let the primer dry, then roll on your ceiling paint. What I do, is using a floor bristle 12in attachment for my shop vac, I vacuum the ceiling to get all the dust off, then take a slightly damp rag on my sanding pole/pad and clean up the surface dust. Does it need to be primed? Regardless of finish. I am not trying to get it smooth, just trying to get any texture, clumps off, to leave me with a nice smooth, but roughed up surface for my skim coats to stick too. Mark those spots and go over them with drywall mud. Skim coating is an effective way to hide minor imperfections from the ceiling. We just scraped it to be this smooth [image link ] because we didn’t mind a bit of orange peel texture. We work around your schedule and help with answer any questions you have quickly. Second layer should be done 90 degrees from the first layer. Is this a legitimate method? I’m assuming you actually had your popcorn tested to see if it really does contain asbestos? PACT - Ceiling Popcorn Removal. The skim coat needs to … Options to Replace Popcorn Ceilings. Put it on thick as the skim and drywall will soak it up. We primed with Behr Multi-Surface Primer & Sealer (~$25/gallon) and painted with Behr marquée ceiling flat paint. Feel free to mark it up with a pencil. A decent plasterer can deal with ceiling textures but they mightn't be able to make the whole thing totally flat if time has had it's way with the ceiling too much. Does anyone have any experience with having a skim coat done over popcorn ceiling with asbestos? Wear a respirator. Apart from fixing imperfections, a skim coat will also give your ceiling a new life. The one we used has a backpack type of setup. Sand and repeat until it's perfect then prime and paint. This is one of the main reasons people want to redo their ceiling. I will be working alone and have only skimmed once before, on … Expect it to take 3 layers of mud, minimum. That does not account for dust cleanup, which will be forever. If you want a flat ceiling I'd skim coat the whole thing if you know how. Should be safe to sand! This could be a lot or not very much work depending on the condition of your ceiling. DAYS. Don't even try to worry about making it look good here. Textured surface. Go across the sheets and look for light between the level and the ceiling. Not all popcorn did, even before they banned asbestos. It's a rough job for a homeowner who's never done it before, and a drywall crew could be done in a day. Smooth finish is beautiful and my favorite. Popcorn, stucco or textured ceilings were and continue to be installed today by builders because they're a quick and easy way to finish a ceiling and hide imperfections. The skim coat needs to bond to the drywall, not dust. Make sure the entire surface is even and level with the next sheet or else you will see shadows and be very disapointed with the results if the room gets any sunlight in. Breaking the ceiling into sections, use one hand to push up and guide the knife/end of the shop vac and the other hand on the hose. Jan 7, 2019 - In the skim coat tutorial I'm going to show you my skim coating trick for no sanding after applying skim coat to a ceiling. Considered scrapping off the popcorn? Required Tools for this Painting Popcorn Ceiling … Other people may have different methods, which is fine, more than one way to do it. They edited the post to add a build date of 1988, well after the phase-out of asbestos. Ugh. Just get full coverage. If you don't care as much then just patch dents with drywall mud and prime and then paint. OP said the popcorn had asbestos. You're just trying to fill in the grooves from the first layer. Press J to jump to the feed. But I don't think that's what you're looking for :) "Skim coat" is a thin layer of plaster. You're not trying to win a beauty contest yet. You might be considering redoing your popcorn ceiling. Next layer will fix it. If they are good, it will look like drywall when covered up. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. We textured a lot of ceilings in the late 80's and early 90's with material that had no asbestos.

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