Yes, my music is explicit . The truth of the matter is that there is no one way to “submit” songs to the music business. But no Music Library or Publisher can guarantee your songs will get licensed, since it's up to the Music Supervisor of a film to decide if your song fits with any scenes. Getting a sync placement can come with huge exposure for your music as well as high sync license fees and royalties. We currently have over 400,000 playlist followers across channels that may consider your music to be featured for free. Submit your new music for radio play consideration and inclusion on our brand new leaks site that is distributed to fans and djs around the world. Thanks again." Submit Music. We really don’t have the time for submission messages. Radio Free Brooklyn Music Submission form. If you have a strategy around radio releasing your music at a specific time, keep this in mind, but don’t bank on the radio playlisting your song as the main hype. EN English. We had very constructive conversation with Jimmy Landry while we were there and plan on talking again soon. Submit your music now! NOTE: If you are interested in your track(s) being played on Radio Free Brooklyn, you must include a link to a track or zip file that can be freely downloaded (e.g. Your post will stay on … At most stations music submitted one week will be on the playlist the following week. We are committed to giving musicians the tools, resources, and opportunties they need to create music in the 21st cenutry. September 24, 2019. Not required to subscribe to apply to opportunities; Submissions fees from those music showcases are covering the cost of venue rental, production, promotion, advertising, backline, PA rental, sound engineer, and scheduling. KXSC Radio is Looking for Music Submissions. Available artist projects will be also be considered by our management team. Music will be used during the games, on highlight reels, pre/post game bumps, intro and outro clips, game trailers, and many other placements across all football-based outlets. The submission fee is nominal, but it really helps our members focus on pitching the right music for the right opportunity. Here's a complete list of music blogs accepting submissions from unsigned artists for the chance to be featured and reviewed. Music Connection. YOU CAN ALWAYS UPGRADE, DOWNGRADE OR CANCEL AT ANYTIME. If the track cannot be downloaded for free, it will most likely be passed on by our hosts. The East Vancouver Community Music School is pleased to invite submissions for Celebrate Young Composers(CYC), a composition masterclass as part of our annual Celebrate Canada Music Day events. Help us paint a sonic picture of this special city. Find music for your latest project or get your music represented for opportunities in TV, film, advertisements, trailers and other interactive media. I’ll cover each of those here. How To Submit Music For TV & Film Back. We are genre friendly and open to Pop, Rock, Adult Contemporary, Alternative; Christian, Folk and New Age, with Inspirational Music; Soul, and R&B music. If you are notified for a feature, you will receive a post on the site with your music and your info/press materials you submitted to us. 1. Victoria Love - Pro Artist Member "Thanks so much for the wonderful opportunity. If we had no submission fee, most of our members would pitch every piece of music they have for every one of our opportunities and that would overload the entire system. They listen to everything that comes across their desk. Taking the time to make your submission look good and complete implies you take your music and your career seriously. Educational submissions. The showcase provided us with a great networking opportunity. To submit your music to Music Vine, you can find their music submission form here. Submit your music now! Music Clout is a website that list current opportunities and projects for musicians to learn about, and if interested, submit their music to for consideration We are looking for one-minute contributions for our next Hull-themed Minute of Listening pack. Editors are seeking all genres, new and old releases. How do I find the status of my submissions to music licensing opportunities? Yes. We are committed to giving musicians the tools, resources, and opportunties they need to create music in the 21st cenutry. So we have no control over whether or not a production company chooses to license your songs. We know that press notes are important to you, that you want us to know a lot about your band, but we don’t have time to read every one we receive, sorry. Home | Clout Opportunities FIND OPPORTUNITIES. We will listen to it and notify you if you will be featured. $5 per song. Because of the high volume of music submissions we receive daily, our follow-up correspondence may take some time, but rest assured that we listen to and watch everything we receive, but cannot feature everything. JOINING IS EASY AND IT TAKES LESS THAN 60 SECONDS. The submission process. We do not endorse pay to play model. OPPORTUNITY DETAILS: is pitching select artists to music clearance executives, supervisors and editors who are preparing for the current NFL season. The Indaba Music community is made of 1.2 million music producers - from emerging artists to Grammy Award winners. Back. * No, my music is clean. Epidemic Sound. Follow the instructions below for a chance to get some free exposure. Our music services are top of the line! Opportunities. We are an artist friendly label. Budding producers, songwriters, and home studio musicians are perfect candidates to make it on to … Ditto. Celebrate Young Composers with Guest Composer-in Residence Jordan Nobles Call for Submissions from composers 19 years of age or younger. Call to composers and sound artists for new minutes of music or sound! show only. Feedback. All submissions are added to CCG Network Radio. Our Coast 2 Coast Events bring together hundreds of Artists, DJs, Models, Media, Producers and more from every market to network and take their careers to the next … We created this system to be able to receive all the music that people is eager to share, so it’s easier for both of us. Opportunity: Submit your sounds for Minute of Listening! Sync licensing is using commercial music in film, adverts, video games and other visual displays. Manchester, UK Music With Vision - Music Supervisor. You can enter as many songs as you like in as many categories as you like. If you do complete at least two sets of reviews for every song that you submit to a music licensing opportunity, we will show you the percentile ranking for your songs in that opportunity in your submission status page. Submit your music to PureSync We create and present new opportunities for Artists, Composers, Producers and Rights Owners in the world of Sync.If you want your music on an advert, placed in a film, heard on a TV show, a computer game or any other form of media, you’ve come to the right place. Follow us on Instagram or YouTube by clicking one of the buttons below (opens in a new tab) 2. Submit your new songs, music videos, EP, mixtape, album, press release, etc. Español; Português; Sign up; Login; Sell your music; How it works; Pricing; Unsigned Advice; Support ; Login Sign up; 03 Jan 2020 Music Blogs That Want YOUR Music! We no longer accept postal submissions. NOTE: We do not upload your music on our… Presentation isn’t the most important thing, but you only get one chance at a first impression. Music Submission. Make sure to pick the right genre to increase the likelihood of being accepted. Not only do we offer free music promotion on our blog, but we connect our community of musicians and artists to hundreds of free opportunities throughout the year including radio shows, podcasts, label submissions, music contests, others blog platforms and more. Epidemic Sound is a huge hit among YouTube content creators, offering select subscription payment structures depending on milestones of the creators channel or one-off sales. To submit music, it’s a straightforward process. Getting your music featured in a TV show, movie or even a video game can not only help your music reach the ears of new fans, but also generate a substantial amount of cash, so it's well worth looking into sync licensing. 1) Submit your music in time for your desired week’s deadline. Sign up on their portal and submit your track. Unsigned Only offers many categories/genres for you to enter, including Screen Shot which is geared toward getting your music into film, tv, video games, and other licensing opportunities. SINGLE. Go connect with Music Managers, Record Labels, A&R Reps. Click here to submit your music to over 28,000 music industry Pro's Please submit your music to To ensure proper submission, please do include in your submission, the title, description and the audio/video URL, preferably YouTube or Vimeo (for videos) and Soundcloud or Spotify (for audios). KXSC (formerly KSCR) is the independent, student-run radio station of the University of Southern California. All submissions will be reviewed by our A&R team for release opportunities with us or our partners and publishing/licensing opportunities for commercial sync. Submit your best track for consideration. YouTube Channels YouTube Channels still play a key role to music producers, as the platform can reach millions of … Submit music to Major Networks and Music Supervisors for TV placements and royalty earning opportunities. Thanks, Music Gorilla, for providing a channel in which I could submit to opportunities like this one." 9. Big Fuss Records is home to remarkable artists. Does your music contain explicit language, sexual content, or racial slurs? Home; Submit Music; Seeking Artists for Label Roster. Once you make it onto the chart you have that placement forever! 12 24 36 48 All Ending Soon. The Indaba Music community is made of 1.2 million music producers - from emerging artists to Grammy Award winners. 1. We listen to EVERY. This service, in particular, gives you the opportunity to get your music on the radio, heard in the press and by music supervisors. When you submit your song, you have an opportunity to make it onto the Indie Hot 40 Music Chart published every week. When you simplify the “song submission” idea, there are basically three categories of song submissions that a songwriter should educate themselves about. Submit your music, songs & demos to creative companies, A&R and music industry professionals worldwide Submit ... Concorde Music Agency offers music sync opportunities, music supervision, music consultancy, along with bespoke composition and production. Minute of Listening logo Produced by: Sound and Music in partnership with PRS for Music Foundation . SUBMISSION. 100% of the submissions fees go toward producing the event If you are submitting as a fan or artist's friend, please indicate content as for "Someone Else". to us for an exclusive feature, artist interview, and music review. Coast 2 Coast Performance Opportunities Artists submit your songs to be considered to perform at upcoming Coast 2 Coast Events across the nation for Platinum and Grammy Winning Producers, Label Executives, Radio DJs and more! Bandcamp with a working download code, Soundcloud with download link, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) Submit your music now! Movement Music is a record label, publishing, and management company founded in 2016 and based in Los Angeles. Home › Opportunities › KXSC Radio is Looking for Music Submissions. Also, the Director of the film or TV show has the final say if they like your song or not. MUSIC SUBMISSION IN 2 EASY STEPS. Get live feedback for your music from P The Politician and Thousands of Viewers.

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