MCR ’s most underrated song, by far. ncah-czerny liked this . It’s not necessarily religious though but it heavily references it. It was the hardest breakup I’ve ever dealt with and I didn’t even know these guys. Anyway, as you may know, I am emo trash. It seems like it is not very know or even mentioned within the fandom but “Desert Song” is the band’s most underrated song and arguably their most emotional track too. ( Log Out /  Maybe these “pills” are a euphemism for drugs. The band's current lineup consists of lead vocalist Gerard Way, guitarists Ray Toro and Frank Iero, and bassist Mikey Way. The killjoys are the only ones who aren’t brainwashed by this company and their main goal is to show others that emotion comes from the heart. By the end, although he doesn’t really want to accept it,  he has to and he decides that it’s better off that he dies because he doesn’t deserve his wife after all he’s done and she doesn’t deserve to see what he’s become. It’s a sweet song, it really is. Now, we know them as this amazing, theatrical “emo” band so hearing this song may come as sort of a shock for any new fans or anyone who hasn’t really gone farther than The Black Parade or Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. July 7, 2019 Party Ghoul The Vampire Blobbo . In the chorus, he talks about how he wishes his wife were there because he misses her and everything would be fine if they were just together. Do you guys know what that means? For all the talk of their inky darkness, serrated edge and unstoppable swagger, no other track manages to pack in … In the hope the promised comeback goes ahead soon. My Chemical Romance (MCR) Lyrics. It was written after Gerard witnessed the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Ah, Skylines and Turnstiles. ribhwalle liked … I can see that you REALLY like MCR from they way to talk about them. Unfortunately, this massive hit overshadowed a hidden gem. Number 2 Vampire Money. In a tweet made by Gerard, he said that he had his daughter, Bandit, in mind which leads me to believe that he may also be speaking to her and telling her, as morbid as it sounds, that we all have our time… if you know what I mean. Masquerading as a neon rebellion to fit in with the saccharine Danger Days era, “F.T.W.W.W.” from 2010’s The Mad Gear And Missile Kid EP is quite simply the dirtiest song the My Chem boys ever plucked up the courage to write. Drowning Lessons. These are in no particular order. What's your top 5 underrated MCR songs. This was back when My Chem was still finding their sound and their style. No? Gaia Online is an online hangout, incorporating social networking, forums, gaming and a virtual world. I more or less just listened to their new popular songs ( i stilll havnt listened to helena agh!) More about: My Chemical Romance. The album never really finishes the story but it has been continued as a comic series by frontman Gerard Way and Shaun Simon. “You can sleep in a coffin, but the past ain’t through with you,” “We all get together when we bury our friends” and “I was killing before killing was cool”—some of MCR’s most contagious existential reflections surfaced on a rare track that didn’t even make it onto a fully fledged album. Even its name memorializes the Pennsylvania town used for filming the zombie movie’s mall scenes. But not all of them show up on May Death Never Stop You. Of course, that is only an outward meaning if you don’t really know the story. I came here to comment desert song thank you lol. The Foo Fighters song "Everlong" isn't about Kurt Cobain, but a low point in Dave Grohl's life when he was broke and homeless. I honestly can’t imagine 22nd March being happy. Hello, Angel tell me, where are you? Again, I don’t fully know exactly what this song is about but those are some possibilities I have come up with on my own. I think it depends on your own personal point of view and how you choose to interpret this song but those are the possibilities I’ve come up with. From Craig Owens-fronted D.R.U.G.S. In pop culture, people seem to romanticize falling in love with a vampire but this song just sort of makes fun of it. to VersaEmerge, here are the best underrated bands. These are not in any particular order. Well, as Gerard Way sang in Helena during his last performance as the frontman for My Chemical Romance, “so long and goodnight.” And, no, I’m not still crying because those were the last lyrics sung by them in concert. It’s focus is on a group of rebels known as “killjoys” against a corrupt company called “Better Living Industries” which is often abbreviated as BL/ind. I won’t go into detail since that’s really personal to me but I will say that it was like hell. i could say that some ppl think of that they are overvalued cuz of the black parade album cuz that's the place they have been given their … How “Surrender The Night” didn’t make the cut for any album remains a mystery. The lyrics to the chorus kind of confuse me because he’s already married but he implies the idea of marrying someone else or at least that’s what I got from it. A track on Number Two – Single as a part of the Conventional Weapons compilation record. In a back catalog overflowing with radio-friendly hits and roof-raising singalongs, it’s easy for some monumental tracks to slip under the radar. He might be using other gay/bi/pan men and manipulating them so that he can kill them? Favorite lyric: “Increase the medication, share the vows at the wake”. Making a heartfelt plea for divine intervention, this cry for help is as powerful as they come, even by My Chem’s standards, and this display of emotional depth needs to be heard. With a blistering punk pace and a menacing story to tell, this track skillfully slipped Bullets-era hysteria into their 2004 effort but ended up blasted out of the water by the rest of that album’s iconic moments. My Chemical Romance will always hold a special place in my heart because they were one of the first bands I’ve ever gotten into. Anyway, as for the actual song, it sort of takes a “religious” approach, if that makes sense. Some of my favorite underrated MCR songs. It’s a message that although I encourage it, I never really stuck with myself until almost a year ago. Anime is an escape from reality for me. Everyone talks about the guitars in early sunsets, but have you heard the bass line? This song from Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge seems to be a reference to heavy drug and alcohol use as the term “jetset” implies. ( Log Out /  The dramatic “. Mine are 1.famous last words 2.the world is ugly 3.disenchanted 4. This was the first song ever written by My Chemical Romance (before the full band was even formed) and it is the seventh song on their first album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. They don’t believe in us but I believe we’re the enemy” suggest, maybe despite the contradicting views between Gerard and Party Poison, Gerard’s killjoy persona, Party Poison (who is the speaker in this song) still wants to come together to defeat BL/ind and he is trying to convince Gerard to go with it. Our Lady Of Sorrows. To The End is also off of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and comes right after Give ‘Em Hell Kid. Sorry to hear that they broke up. -era hysteria into their 2004 effort but ended up blasted out of the water by the rest of that album’s iconic moments. An entire dramatic rock opera neatly packaged into one song, there simply wasn’t enough room on, . Telling a sorrowful tale of lovers torn apart by a zombie apocalypse, this early ballad’s morose, swaying melody is an ode to Dawn Of The Dead. Mikey way is criminally underrated. The main album’s apocalyptic concept outgrew this unashamedly filthy effort, but it deserves to be memorialized as the one time MCR unleashed their down-and-dirty side to their fans. ribhwalle reblogged this from nfwm-liebhaberin. Skylines And Turnstiles. I hope you enjoyed this latest installment of emo trash. I mean, music in general is an escape from reality already but MCR specifically has always been a favorite of mine so it was hard for little 11-year-old me. The 2010s were filled with artists who flew under the radar. It was just really…bittersweet to me because I knew that it was something that had to be done for the guys so that they could find their own happiness but I just couldn’t bring myself to accept it because I had always looked up to them and their music. How “. In this story, there is a married couple, a man and a woman, who are both dead. Maybe this is more than a first person narration of the harm caused by drug and alcohol addiction. The lyrics can be very… disturbing once you really examine and analyze them. Incredible. I don’t believe in luck. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. It was a fitting farewell that sadly missed the credit it deserved for closing the band’s chapter in the most tear-jerking manner they could muster. The song is about his addiction and he personified it as a woman. These songs were released in five separate vinyl albums over a five month period leading up to the band’s breakup in March of 2013. Thank you for the venom 5. Maybe, just maybe, this could be how the protagonist dies in the first place. It seems as though he is also comforting her and saying to never lose sight of who she is just because of society’s “rules” because that is what will make her happy. "Crowded Room" -- Loose Buttons . Especially during hard times, they were one of my main escapes. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. My Chemical Romance had always had sort of a vampire theme going in a bit of their music but in this song, it seems as though they’re kind of tired of that trope since it’s been done to death. The gloomy addition to the I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love era, “Early Sunsets Over Monroeville” falls by the wayside when standing beside the rest of the album’s action-packed energy. This song could have one of three meanings, from the way I’ve interpreted it, at least: a failed engagement that really took an emotional turn towards the end, a sociopath who has been obsessively stalking this woman because they’re in “love” with her to the point where they’re becoming homicidal, or simply an abusive engagement. Teenagers - My Chemical Romance. In keeping with Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’s overarching theme of movie genres, banditry and Wild West capers arrived on the scene via “Hang ’Em High.” Taking its name from the 1968 Western movie starring Clint Eastwood, the unexpected gun-toting edition of MCR deserves a position among their greatest hits. Gun. Music 2021 - Top Underrated Songs 2021 By redmusiccompany. Emo juggernauts My Chemical Romance are no exception, despite only having four albums’ worth of songs to define their career. Founded by Gerard, Mikey, Toro, and Matt Pelissier (and later joined by Iero), the band signed to Eyeball Records and … I would like to point out that The Black Parade is also a concept album, as are all their other albums with them being a theatrical band and all, so this is actually an introduction to the story of “The Patient.” The patient is, at this point, telling the story of his illness and how it has affected him and his family. I’m also not sure how this fits into the story of the album but I have a theory. Well, I guess that concludes this long ass emo post but first, here are some honorable mentions: Disenchanted, Bulletproof Heart, Cubicles, and Fake Your Death. Jan 5, 2019 - This is my favorite MCR song, and one of their most underrated songs ever. These might not be the most exemplary MCR songs, or the ones you’d show someone who’s unfamiliar with the band. The song has a sort of paranormal theme showing him (the Patient) talking to his “dead relationship.” An alternative theory though could be that he is trying to summon his ex girlfriend who is actually dead from the grave. It’s quite sad, honestly. She even poked the holes so I can breathe”. ( Log Out /  I can understand why this may not be so big now considering the fact that it is a stretch from the sound that they are widely known for but, it is still a beautiful song. Now, before I get into describing the song itself, I’m gonna give a little background as to what the story of the album as a whole is about so the song itself makes more sense, as well as the other songs from this album that I have put on this list. He deserves happiness and I’m proud of the progress he’s made since then. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is a concept album and was once described by Gerard Way as a “psuedo-conceptual horror story” because of the dark story around it. underrated mcr songs: - ambulance - kiss the ring - scarecrow - my way home is through you - house of wolves - hang em high - all of bullets → 5 years ago, 3907 # theres more but, Reblog. That is the price he must pay for accepting a deal with the Devil because why would you even trust him in the first place? Emo juggernauts My Chemical Romance are no exception, despite only having four albums’ worth of songs to define their career. I’m not exactly sure how this fits into the story of the album in all honesty but from what I’ve been able to tell so far, the protagonist is in a mansion basically looking for evil souls to collect.

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