The differences between wives are the phrases they say when you enter your home, the line of merchandise they sell, and the homes you inherit when you marry them. All you need is a place to sleep first. I usually marry Ysolda (I think is her name) from Whiterun because she has a nice voice (she doesn't annoy me), you get the bit of dialog, and her dream is to become a merchant anyway. No matter what foes hit her, she’ll go down and get right back up again. You’ll also need to complete one fo the initial three contracts for the Dark Brotherhood. As a matter of fact, she can reach up to level 50! That means more profit sharing for you. Ria is the third Companion member that you’re able to wed on this list. What makes Avrusa stand out from other potential wives is her personality and amusing dialogue. In my playthrough as Skyrim's Sorcerer Supreme, I ended marrying Brelyna Maryon. Recruit her for 500 gold and she will be your companion for as you go on adventures. Iona will guard your house in Riften, but marry her, and she’ll do more. Best ARK Server Hosting Providers 2021 | Top 10 | Hosting for ARK, Cheapest Minecraft Server Hosting 2021 | Top 10 List, Best Minecraft Server Hosting Providers 2021 | Top 10 | Big & Small, Top 15 Best Food Items in Minecraft ✅| Only Eat the Best, Beginner Rocket League Tips to Become a Star Player. What’s not to love? Talk about a sweet allowance! Giving your character the ability to do anything they want results in hours (if not days) worth of questing, crafting, equipping, foraging, home decorating — the list goes on. She is a Nord warrior who can wield one-handed weapons and is quite good at archery. ZywOo’s Crosshair, Settings, and Gear. Skyrim: 15 Best Marriage, Spouse & Family Mods(Custom Wives & Husbands) BY Marco Ibarra This post may contain affiliate links. share. Never-ending adventures can get exhausting. She is an apothecary’s assistant who spends her days at the Hag’s Cure in Markarth. Beautiful and mysterious, Orla is a Nord priestess serving Dibella, the goddess of love. Just like her name suggests, Ghorza gra-Bagol is an orc blacksmith. You meet her in a bar, the Bee and Barb Inn, where she’s almost certainly been beating every single patron up. The best thing about her has to be that by marrying her, you get to move into Larak’s Longhouse. Created by BarrelRider37 . Considering that she is a mercenary, you don’t have to complete any quests for her to become your follower or wife. Best Wives in Skyrim – Who is the Hottest Wife? save. She is a Nord warrior who prefers melee fights. Here are the 15 best wives in Skyrim: Aela is easily the most popular wife among Skyrim players. So what do you need to do in order for Brelyna to become your wife? You can marry her once you complete Glory of the Dead. This post may contain affiliate links. Prev Article Next Article . And yes, Borgakh herself is an orc but don’t be intimidated by her tough looks. She can also continue to be your follower after the wedding ceremony so with Aela you’re getting the best of both worlds. However, she got injured mining so at one part of the game she asks you to deliver a satchel to her father. It does mean that she doesn’t actually have a house, though. As long as you hire her at least once, you’ll be able to marry Jenassa. I would argue that Njada is the best wife you can pick up from the Companions. Cozy gig getting setup in a college just like that. 63 comments. You may also be interested in our Skyrim Hottest Wives Guide. Which seems a bit touchy but hey, she really does not want you hitting on her sister. If you have any query related to this article, Please do comment. Aela is located at Jorrvaskr in Whiterun. At least you’ll get a share in the profits though. Becoming the Thane of Riften is another process of completing a few quests for the Jarl. She doesn’t have a home of her own so you will not get a place to live if you two get married. RELATED: Skyrim: 15 Best Wives & How To Marry Them Updated on December 7th, 2020 by Anastasia Maillot: It's a great time to return to the open-world of Skyrim… She’s available very early on in the game, in the first real town, and she’s a beast in combat. Whiterun is one of the first locations you’ll head to as part of Skyrim’s main quest. Here we’ve shared the brief info of the top 12 best wives to marry in the Skyrim game. Tallis Vale 11 months ago. Flee the Facility Roblox Game Review ✅| Get Out Right Now! On top of being a solid follower, she can train you in Archery and One-Handed combat. This is the beginning of a quest called Special Delivery. That’s okay, though, because she pulls her own weight in other ways. The Companions questline, which you need to complete before you can marry Aela, is one of the first in the game.

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