Have you ever felt you could be doing better than you are today? Tools for change have to include measurements. In this section I introduce you to some vital tools. I will share some motivational secrets at using those tools to focus growth. Check out my demonstration video where I show you how. And please leave comments and pose questions. When you see some question you can answer, jump in and contribute! Imagine how much more you will learn in this series when you establish the pattern of helping others.

If you have not taken a course on Positive Psychology, please spend some time on the first video: Review of Positive Psychology. Take a look at the handouts associated with it. They are there for you to use, so feel free to download them. Open the folder, “New Happiness Handouts” and review all those great tools. I have tested every one of those handouts and use them regularly, and whether you apply them to yourself (and I hope you do) or use them with coaching clients or therapy patients, you are free to print them out.

(Above the Measurement video)
This video is huge. Some common sayings: Measurement eliminates argument; if you’re not assessing, then you’re just guessing. There is truth. When you measure you affect. For example, the best way to lose weight is to write down all you eat. So also: when we measure flourishing and thriving, you will get more of it! So let’s get to work mastering PERMA and Flourishing, and study the Ryff scales too.

I spent several years trying to develop skills as a brief therapist. I found the best way to develop that skill was measurement. I used the OQ-45, a five minute clinical checklist. I also developed my own alliance measure, after I decided the ones available were too bulky. My version only had ten items.

Later Scott Miller, my former student, simplified feedback even farther. He pursued that course and now Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) is considered an Evidence Based Treatment.

In this section we will review some dynamite tools for helping yourself, and helping clients, toward a thriving lifestyle, a high performance life of joy and meaning.

The fact is, what we measure we affect. You likely know or have heard that the one best thing you can do to lose weight is simply write down everything you eat. You see, we mostly operate on autopilot, but when we start measuring and tracking what we do, it influences us. We become aware, and by being aware we become free. We can only make free and informed decisions at the moment of awareness. That is what Mindfulness is based on.

So in this section we will offer you tools to measure. I will offer you a video of how I use measurement in actual therapy settings, although the person is not a patient but a volunteer. Use these tools on yourself. Create your own interventions. Then after a week or a month, measure again. How are you doing? Leave comments and come back and offer your own thoughts to how others are doing.

MP4 video: Review of Pos Psych
Folder: New Positive Psychology Handouts
MP4 video: Measurement
Ryff Scales
MP4 video: Clinical interview: PERMA and discovering steps forward.