Here is press release describing some research on conscientiousness and health. As it turns out, conscientious people have better health. Well, how can that be a surprise? They do take more care, are going to be more careful about health, … Read More

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Today is Tuesday. It is 6:15 AM. I will exercise for thirty minutes and clean up, go to work. At noon I will meditate for 20 minutes, using my preferred method, Autogenic Training.(You can download the script at I … Read More

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I Resolve . . . Making and Achieving Goals

As far as I know, my dog never makes resolutions. She seems to be happy with who she is. I am not. I want to get stronger, run some 5k and 10k races. Since I started running a couple of … Read More

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I Solve Your Fast Food Addiction!

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Historically, the question of “What shall we eat?” has been answered with very hard labor. Preparing food was a burden. In the nineteenth century folk song, “The Housewife’s Lament” a woman sings: It’s sweeping at six and it’s dusting at … Read More

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Tonight our book club meets to discuss the book my wife and I sponsored for the month, and it is our obligation to feed them. It is June, the weather is nice, and hamburgers on the grill sounds good to … Read More

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