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depression treatment – Real Thriving – By Dr. Lynn Johnson


WHAT IF WE HAD A SIMPLE HABIT that would grow our brain, lengthen our life, and help eliminate depression? Would you be interested? Maybe not, because few people are actually doing it. Only about one person in four. I am … Read More

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A PRESS RELEASE from Medical Express (http://medicalxpress.com/) from January 28 (but just showing up in my inbox!) is a press release from the University of Melbourne. That’s in Oz, of course. http://medicalxpress.com/news/2015-01-diet-nutrition-essential-mental-health.html “Diet and nutrition essential for mental health” publicizes … Read More

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Walking as a treatment for depression is a good idea. Reports vary, but most suggest that there is a small, positive effect from encouraging people to exercise.[i] I have seen patients who had a large and reliable response to walking … Read More

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