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Resiliency – Real Thriving – By Dr. Lynn Johnson


Friday is “ski with the grandchildren day” in my family. We go up for the afternoon and practice our turns on the intermediate runs. The seven-year-old is working on parallel turns, while the four-year-old, who started out turning very gradual … Read More

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AS MANY OF YOU KNOW, I like intense intermittent exercise. I can get much of the value of longer exercise episodes in fifteen minutes. Since the body likes habit and routine, High Intensity Interval Training is a way to keep … Read More

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I received a heart-warming bit of “fan mail” and wanted to thank the wonderful person who mailed it and make a couple of comments. Here is the mail, reprinted with permission: Dear Dr. Johnson Both my husband and I enjoyed … Read More

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Dr. Ed Diener and Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener offer the mental health community their FLOURISHING scale. It is a simple, eight item likkert-rating scale. There is no reversed-scored item in Ed’s work, and all thanks to him for that. The scale … Read More

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Automatic happiness? Sounds like a science fiction story about cheery robots. But that’s our topic for today. It turns out that online help automates mental health. How can that be bad? Well, only research can tell us how good or … Read More

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Is Thanksgiving Over?

Are you free? Can you make choices, or are you a robot with the illusion of freedom? The materialists argue for the robot model, trying to find evidence that even our so called free choice is just an illusion. On … Read More

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Embrace Love

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Rex still blesses my life. As I wrote about Rex’s sudden death, I was moved by the outpouring of encouraging and supportive comments. Many thanks to all you wonderful people. We buried Rex in the back yard. Our tradition frowns … Read More

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Rex died today. Of his early life we can only speculate.   The Rescue A young man sees another beating a black dog. He angrily confronts the dog-beater who claims it is to “teach the dog.” The young man retorts … Read More

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Win-win mindset

I am at a meeting on internet business models, and a speaker is telling me to decide to “be number one.” He has been successful in an internet business, and he talks about the difference between being excellent and being … Read More

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The Lifestyle Treatment

A recent report in The American Journal of Public Health shows that social isolation is as dangerous for our health, as we age, as smoking or weight problems. Social isolation is a lifestyle issue. Some people turn away from others, … Read More

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