AS MANY OF YOU KNOW, I like intense intermittent exercise. I can get much of the value of longer exercise episodes in fifteen minutes. Since the body likes habit and routine, High Intensity Interval Training is a way to keep … Read More

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I hope your interest is in expanding and growing your capacities. I am a baby boomer and I want to stay as young and healthy as possible for as long as possible. That’s what today’s post is about. My wife … Read More

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The Age of Narcissus

I was at my doctor’s office, getting an annual checkup, and he asked what I wanted. I said I want to live to be 125 in excellent health. He looked askance at me and shook his head. I thought, “This … Read More

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I Solve Your Fast Food Addiction!

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Historically, the question of “What shall we eat?” has been answered with very hard labor. Preparing food was a burden. In the nineteenth century folk song, “The Housewife’s Lament” a woman sings: It’s sweeping at six and it’s dusting at … Read More

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A Small Medicare Solution?

Now I have officially joined the Elderly (that is, I am now a geezer) and am forced to carry a Medicare card, I wonder what I should do to help my fellow Baby Boomers. We are told by all responsible … Read More

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Growing Your Brain with Meditation

Growing Your Brain with Meditation I am old. As a Baby Boomer, I am interested in how to get myself back to feeling young, energetic, and healthy. I am grateful to live in this amazing world and want to stick … Read More

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I write about revitalization. Maybe that makes me a shampoo, since the shampoo in my hotel room promises the same thing. I tried the shampoo. It doesn’t work. I do not feel revitalized. I like to research and try out … Read More

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In the early 1970s I got interested in long-distance running. The doctrine then was LSD, or long, slow distance. I got up to running a routine of four miles on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and eight miles on Tuesday, Thursday, … Read More

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A woman in our neighborhood rides 13 miles to work. My wife learned she was staying on the east side of town where there are lots of foothills. “Why don’t you ride a bit further west where you’d avoid all … Read More

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In the TV series, The Closer, Brenda Lee Johnson moves from Washington, D.C to head up a new group of detectives in the Los Angeles Police Department. Brenda Lee is an outsider and faces suspicion and hostility, but wins over her … Read More

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